The Best Ab Work Out

I just started a new work out plan this morning to start building some more muscle. Thumbs up for more girl muscle power! Unfortunately, figuring out the gym can sometimes be difficult. What moves work best, how many reps, how to even do the exercise in the first place? That’s why I wanted to put together a little work out of my favorite ab moves for you guys to try.

Do 20-30 of these moves 3 times in a row (a rep)

Leg Lifts: To do leg lifts, lie flat on your back. Put your feet together and slowly lift your them into the air until they’re at a perpendicular to your body. Hold for a moment, and lower them back to the floor.


Bicycles: Lie on your back, put your hands on the back of your head, and bend your knees at a 90 degree angle. Bring alternate knees back toward your chest (like you’re riding a bike) and twist your abdomen so that your elbow touches the opposite leg.


V Hold: Lift your legs and your torso up to form a V with your body. You can reach your arms out in front of your or put them on the floor behind you for some support, but make sure you are using your abs to keep your body up. Hold this position for as long as you can. Abdominal and calf muscles are harder to grow than the rest of the muscles in your body so they need to be completely fatigued in order to make strides. That’s why positions like these are important.


Side Leg Lifts: Lie down on your side, keeping your feet together, lift your legs up into the air and slowly lower then back down to the floor. If this hurts your hips, you can use a work out bench which will give you a wider range of motion up and down and give you a little more cushioning. This engages your oblique abdominals to bring your waist in at the middle, keeping your waist from being square.


Bent Leg Jackknifes: Grab a weight! A 5 or 10 pound one is good to try out. Lie on your back and stretch your arms above your head, holding the weight with both hands. Lift your legs slightly above the ground. Simultaneously bend your legs toward your body and move your arms up until they are over your knees. Continue that position 20-30 times. If this exercise is too difficult for you, ditch the weight and just use the weight of your arms.


Starting position


Final position

There you have it! An intense ab work out sure to get your muscles in shape. Remember though, there is no work out to target fat loss in a certain area of the body, only to build muscle. If you’re looking to lose weight in your waist I recommend high intensity cardio! Thanks for reading!

The Navy Wife xoxo

i.e. I am not a certified personal trainer, this is just my personal opinion of what has worked best for me. As always, if you have abnormal pain while exercising you should contact a doctor.


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