Discovering Cities: Norfolk

Hello my friends,

Quick update, the hole in my floor is finally fixed, I’ve been learning a lot about catering and food at my new job, and I’m going to a Citizens and Saints/Kings Kalidoscope concert on Valentine’s Day that I am so psyched about! If you haven’t heard of them before, go check them out.

As much as Luke and I are getting settled in and making a home here, I miss Norfolk! I love that city and we can’t wait to move back. So if you decide to visit, I wanted to give you my top hits! The places you absolutely have to visit.

Top Food Hits:

  1. The Handsome Biscuit: In-house made sweet potato biscuits sandwiching fried chicken in a variety of combinations, such as red cabbage slaw, or whole grain mustard and honey. Mmm… I get hungry just thinking about it. The place is tiny yet popular so if you plan on going have a back up plan on places to sit. They have nice outdoor area though if it is warm enough.
  2. Belmonts House of Smoke: Heck to the yes, this place is amazing. Every Wednesday they have .39 cent wings in tasty flavors. Get there early because it gets busy, totally worth it though. They have rooftop seating as well and lots of local craft beers.
  3. 80/20 Burger Bar: I have dreams about this place. Whenever I want a good burger here in Jacksonville I always go to their menu to replicate their combos. Not easy to do because they have some special burger talent there. Stop in for a heaping pile of fries and a juicy burger. Also, lots of local craft beers. Notice a theme here?
  4. Cogans: Norfolk is a college town, and every college town needs a good pizza place. This pizza place is it. It just happens to be exceptionally tasty and perfect for all stages of life. They have delicious combos of toppings. The margherita pizza is my fave. Whole cloves of garlic and fresh tomatoes. Oh my, I could eat the whole thing. Foodies unite!

Botanical Gardens. So peaceful

Best Coffee Shop:

Stella’s Cafe: We named our dog after this place. That’s how much we love it. You know McClarens in How I Met Your Mother? This is coffee shop is the McClarens of my life. We were here a lot. Try their mocha latte with a homemade marshmallow, yum! Don’t forget to bring a book to cozy up with on one of their window benches.


Botanical Gardens

Things to do:

  1. Chrysler Museum of Art: This place is free to visit and on Saturdays they have an glass blowing exhibit. It’s a fascinating, historical place to spend the afternoon in.
  2. The Botanical Gardens: It’s a little pricey to get in. If you buy a year pass it’s a lot more affordable to go. Of course you’d only want to do this if you were living in the area or planned to go multiple times. The area is beautiful in the spring and summer months.
  3. Virginia Zoological Park: It’s a zoo! Maybe it’s just the kid in me but I always love going to the zoo. They have a petting area with goats that is my favorite. With all the other traditional animals of course. It makes for a fun day.

Virginia Zoo. Those little kiddos count as monkeys.

I hope you guys choose to visit Norfolk and all of Hampton roads area. It’s really an entertaining area that is near and dear to my heart. See ya next time,

The Navy Wife xoxo


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