Decorating On a Budget (plus a tutorial!)

Good afternoon everyone!

It’s so stormy here right now, but I’ve been feeling super productive. It’s been difficult to blog as often as I want to since I’ve been working so much but I’m doing my best to put out at least a post a week for you all. With that said, here are some ways to decorate inexpensively that might get you feeling motivated as well!

  1. Papering: Papering is a really old trick to making things in your home a little more pretty. Scrapbook paper is cheap and comes in a variety of cute colors and patterns. I use scrapbook paper to line drawers and cabinets, to cover containers, and as pictures. See below for a step by step tutorial!
  2. Painting: Painting or drawing is a great creative outlet and can result in some really beautiful things to hang in your home. If you’re not so much the creative type, you can always get stencils and use them on your pretty scrapbook paper we discussed above!
  3. Free Print Outs: There are lots of free print outs to find on pinterest or just sifting through google.
  4. Thrift Shopping: I’ve had the most luck finding frames, furniture, vases, and antique kitchenware. Thrifting can be a fun hobby, as it usually takes a couple of tries to find the best picks, or a specific thing you are looking for.
  5. Coupons: Michaels usually has a 40%-50% coupon that can be printed off of their website or used from your smartphone every week, in addition to other coupons for weekly specials. Craft stores can have some really good steals on home decor items!


Pick the pieces you want to paper


Before pic!

Line your paper up to the item you want to cover and mark it so you know where to cut.


Mark and measure your paper

Tape your paper to whatever it is you want to look nice!


Tape any overlapping lines to seal it and make it look neat.


Ta-da! You can now coordinate all the repurposed pieces in your home!


The Navy Wife xoxo


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